40 dumb mistakes you're probably making that cost you money

2023-01-13 12:56:06 By : Ms. Anna Wong

These common blunders can add up fast.

If you’ve ever wondered where all your money goes, there are a few common mistakes that could be costing you some serious dough. Many of them can be fixed by easy swaps and small changes in your day-to-day life and add up to considerable savings throughout the year. Plus, none of them cost much to begin with, so you can start reaping the benefits right away. Printed Hang Tags

40 dumb mistakes you

There are money-saving fixes for everyone on this list. Tired of buying plastic wrap and paper towels over and over again? Consider some reusable options that will pay for themselves in no time. Ever feel like your energy bills are getting out of hand? There are several picks that help reduce heating and cooling costs and save electricity throughout the year. You may also be able to finally cut your daily coffee shop habit by investing in some quality accessories to create yummy beverages that rival those of your favorite barista. Small things that make it easy to cut back on delivery and food costs can pack a big punch, and making your current items (like shoes and furniture) last longer before having to replace them can save you a ton.

So, when you’re ready to stop wasting money and save more for things you enjoy, read on for some easy solutions on Amazon.

If you’re looking at a fridge full of mystery food, then this pack of 250 food labels might be just what you need. They’ll stick to your glass, metal, or plastic containers but also take just 30 seconds to remove under water and leave no residue. There’s enough space to write down the important stuff, and you’ll instantly organize your fridge, freezer, or pantry.

From AAAs to 9-volts, you can store up to 93 batteries in this battery organizer. There’s a transparent lid so you can easily see what you have and what you need to replace, and since it’s portable, you can take it wherever you need it. Plus, it comes with a battery tester to ensure the batteries you’re keeping are still good.

Stay hydrated throughout the day and save money on bottled water with this 1-gallon container, which comes in 15 colors. Not only does the handle and strap make it easy to carry around, but it also features time markers that remind you when to drink. And the bottle includes two BPA-free lids for chugging or sipping that H20.

These eco-friendly, reusable silicone lids can stretch to fit over your round or square containers with a leakproof, airtight seal. This variety pack comes in seven different sizes, from 3 inches to 12 inches, and can be used again and again. Plus, they’re microwave, freezer, fridge, and diswasher safe. Goodbye, plastic wrap.

You’re just four steps away from making a perfect cup of cold brew coffee at home with this 47-ounce coffee maker. Just add your grounds, pour in cold water, chill, and get your caffeine buzz. The carafe is made of temperature-resistant glass with a leakproof lid and a reusable ultra-fine mesh filter, and a scoop and funnel are included.

This set of two silicone lids can fit and cover almost all sizes of pet food cans, including 2.5, 2.9, and 3.3 inches. Just slip the lid over the tins, and it will keep the food fresh and the smells from permeating your fridge. The lids are BPA-free, odorless, nontoxic, and dishwasher-safe. They’re also eco-friendly and easy to put on and off.

This handy passport wallet can hold four to 10 credit cards, tickets, IDs, money, passport, and any other essentials, and includes a micro travel pen for customs forms or writing out luggage tags. There’s a zipper closure to keep everything secure, and the wallet is made of moisture-wicking nylon that keeps it dry. Best of all, it’s built with RFID-blocking technology and includes seven RFID-blocking sleeves for extra security.

Keep your pet’s coat tangle-free with this ergonomic mat remover. It has an anti-slip rubber grip for a secure hold and 10 rust-resistant stainless steel teeth that cut through mats and tangles without pulling on your pet’s hair. You can use it on all fur types, including dogs, cats, and other small animals, and you’ll get a safe, clean cut in minutes.

These three 35-ounce containers are eco-friendly and freezer, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher safe. And since they’re made of glass, they can handle rapid temperature changes, won’t absorb stains or smells, and are great with acidic foods. They come with locking lids that create an airtight, leakproof seal, and the lid’s gasket is also removable for thorough cleaning.

Save on electricity and light bulbs with this three-pack of wireless LED lights. They’re easy to install with screws or adhesive tape (both included) and give you a warm, white glow for up to 125 hours. Each light operates on three AA batteries (not included), detects motion up to 10 feet away, and turns off after 30 seconds of no motion.

Replace up to six single-use plastic bags or four paper bags with just one of these reusable bags. They come in a three-pack, and each bag has a reinforced bottom flap, holds up to 65 pounds, and folds for convenient storage. There are also straps and extra long handles that make them effortless to pick up or throw over your shoulder.

You can enjoy up to 15 cups of fresh popcorn in minutes with this silicone popper, which is designed to spread heat evenly for fewer unpopped kernels. Just add kernels and any flavorings you’d like, then put the bowl in the microwave. The silicone is heat resistant, BPA-free, PVC-free, dishwasher safe, and comes in 20 colors. Best of all, the bowl collapses for easy storage.

Lingering stains are a thing of the past with this pack of 25 stain remover wipes. They use a commercial-grade laundry stain remover that’s safe to use around kids and pets and Safer Choice certified. The wipes work on fresh and more set-in stains — just blot and rinse. And since each wipe is individually wrapped, you can keep them anywhere for easy stain removal.

Take your home bar to the next level with this cocktail shaker set. It includes a stainless steel shaker, a built-in strainer, and a 1.5-ounce jigger, and it’s all dishwasher safe, leakproof, and rustproof. The set even comes with a helpful e-book with recipes, tips, and tricks to have you mixing and slinging drinks in no time.

Give your dull knives a second life with this sharpening stone kit. It works on all metal blades and includes stones to sharpen and polish. There are also two nonslip rubber bases, a bamboo stone holder, and a professional angle guide, helping you get the sharpest results.

Replace your expensive wine glasses with this set of four 18-ounce stainless steel tumblers, and you’ll never look back. They’ll retain your drink’s temperature, won’t break when they hit the ground, and their stemless design makes them easy to hold. The tumblers are also dishwasher safe, and you can get them in 23 different designs, from marble to wood grain.

Prevent cereal and other dry goods from getting stale with this set of three airtight containers. There’s a flip-top lid for easy pouring, and the plastic is clear so you know how much you have left. You can stick them in the dishwasher for cleaning, and the set even comes with 16 reusable labels and a chalk pen to help you stay organized.

Keeping the inside of your car clean is a breeze with this car vacuum cleaner. Weighing just 2.4 pounds, it’s lightweight but has strong suction to pick up sand, pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and more. It’s equipped with a washable HEPA filter and includes three cleaning attachments, a carry bag, filter brush, and spare HEPA filter.

Spray this odor eliminator on carpet, tiles, upholstery, garbage cans, or car interiors, and you’ll get a fresh orange scent that will fight your pet’s worst smells. The formula is free of added parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and is pet-friendly. Still, some pets may be sensitive to concentrated levels of certain ingredients, so be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

For fresher, cleaner, softer laundry that’s wrinkle-free, ditch the dryer sheets and fabric softener and opt for this six-pack of eco-friendly wool dryer balls. They’re unscented and hypoallergenic, but you can add essential oils if you’d like a scent. According to the brand, you can use them on cotton, nylon, spandex, neoprene, polyester, and microfiber without leftover residues or damage to the fabrics.

Make the perfect cappuccino, latte, or mixed drink at home with this handheld frother. It’s powered by two AA batteries (not included) and can give you a milky froth in seconds. Made of stainless steel, it’s easy to clean by hand and works with any kind of milk.

If you get tired of buying roll after roll of paper towels, this 10-pack of Swedish dishcloths might be just what you need. They’re made of super absorbent cellulose and cotton that gets soft to the touch when wet, and they’re safe for all surfaces. The machine-washable cloths are even gritty enough for scouring. Choose from nine colors.

Keep heat in and drafts out with this easy-to-install door draft stopper. It’s compatible with doors 30 to 36 inches wide and seals gaps up to 1.5 inches high, and it’s easy to trim for the perfect fit. The cotton cover glides on floors, making it easy to open and close doors, and you can machine-wash the cover when it needs a refresh.

Protect your pillow from bed bugs, dust mites, fluids, sweat, and allergens with this zippered pillow protector. It’s made of a cotton terry surface with a membrane back coating, so it’s waterproof, breathable, noiseless, and hypoallergenic. This is a single protector, but you can also buy it as a two-pack in standard, queen, or king sizes.

Whether you layer your scrunchies and hair ties around this acrylic scrunchie holder or slip them in the hollow center, they’re sure to stay organized. It has a wobble-free base, and the tube is designed to hold scrunchies without stretching them. “Perfect for keeping your bathroom or bedroom organized,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

Give your plants a fighting chance with this set of cute watering stakes that can keep soil moist for up to five days. Just fill a stake with water, place it in the soil, and the porous terracotta material will disperse water slowly as needed. Each stake is 8.5 inches tall and, according to reviewers, can be used indoors and out.

Keep your keys (or anything else for that matter) in check with the Tile Mate tracker. This little accessory is less than 1.5 inches wide, attaches easily to your key ring, and communicates with your phone via Bluetooth to help find your keys. Plus, if you find yourself outside of the 250-foot Bluetooth range, the Tile network can track your item’s last-known location.

Furniture is expensive, but you can protect it with this pack of cat scratch deterrent pads. Each clear adhesive pad measures 17 by 12 inches and adheres to various fabrics to provide a protective shield against claws. They’re made of durable and flexible plastic that can wrap easily around furniture legs, arms, and sides and can be cut to size for the perfect fit.

Holes in your walls are bound to happen occasionally, but they don’t have to mean losing out on your security deposit or hiring someone to fix them. The 3M hole repair kit provides everything you need (including a patch, spackling compound, putty knife, and sanding pad) to seamlessly repair holes less than 3 inches wide.

Mold remediation can be a costly repair, but you can help prevent it in the first place by using one of these portable dehumidifiers in humid areas like your bathroom. Great for spaces up to 225 square feet, the ultra-quiet design features auto shut-off when full, a large 17-ounce tank, and costs less than a bottle of fancy shampoo.

Precisely measure coffee, ingredients, or anything else you may need with this inexpensive kitchen scale that can provide readings in ounces, grams, and even volume. It’s battery-powered, has a large LCD display, and is easily portable — measuring just 5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long. Plus, it has a handy timer and comes with a tray for easy weighing.

Prevent water damage and stains with this shoe protectant spray that provides a water-resistant seal on almost all types of shoes, including leather, suede, canvas, and more. The clear formula sprays on easily and dries quickly, and can be applied in multiple coats for durable protection. Touch-up periodically for best results.

Using the wrong washing machine settings can wreak havoc on your clothes and cause your energy bills to increase. This handy laundry guide magnet is 8.5 by 11 inches, sticks easily to the front or top of your washer or dryer, and is a reference for 35 of the most common laundry symbols on your clothing tags.

Many reviewers love the versatility of these workout cards, with one fan writing, “These cards have gotten me out of the rut of doing the same workout every time I go to the gym.” The pack of 62 sweat-proof cards provides 50 different exercise moves and seven optional routines to choose from. Plus, there are 19 decks available, including Pilates and bodyweight exercises.

Skip the plumber and prevent clogs with this highly rated hair catcher that can fit over both flat and pop-up drains. The flexible silicone material is easy to clean and helps it to sit flush against your tub or shower floor, while plenty of holes allow for ample water drainage.

These reusable coffee pods can be filled with your own coffee or tea and help cut back on the use of expensive single-use pods. The easy-to-clean BPA-free cups feature a fine stainless steel mesh and are compatible with most Keurig machines and several other brands. Plus, they’re a more sustainable option as they help reduce plastic waste.

Create your own pizzeria-style pies with this glazed pizza stone for a perfectly crispy crust every time. The nonstick material is easy to clean, heats up quickly in the oven, and measures 16.5 by 12.5 inches. It’s also great for baking bread and cookies and comes in a round, 15-inch style as well.

These reusable beauty pads have earned rave reviews from over 29,000 fans and are a great substitute for those one-time-use cotton rounds. The soft bamboo and cotton material can be used with your own makeup remover, come with a laundering bag for easy washing, and are designed to last for years.

Turn any light or device into a smart device with this smart plug that works with the Alexa app via Wi-Fi. Simply insert it into your outlet, plug your light or another device into the smart plug, and you can turn the appliance on and off automatically or control it remotely when you’re away.

40 dumb mistakes you

Clothing Tags Maker Cook your favorite cut of meat to perfection with this digital meat thermometer, and never throw another overcooked piece away. It features an LED screen, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, and even a handy meat temperature chart for your preferred doneness. Plus, the internal magnet makes it easy to store on your fridge, and it’s easy to rinse clean.